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Let’s Talk About Your Air
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My family and I are suffering from breathing or sleeping difficulties.
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I want to keep my family and home healthy.
Let’s Talk About Your Air
Breathing Difficulties
Trouble Sleeping
Allergies / Hay fever
Viruses / Flu
Dry Skin / Eyes / Nose
Static Electricity
Mould / Dampness
Dust Mites
Smoke / Odours / Dust
Wallpaper / Paint Peeling
Let’s Talk About Your Air
Pollutants At Home
Allergens In The Home
Dampness In The Home
Viruses / Bacteria In The Home
Risk of Dryness At Home
Moisture In The Environment
Dryness In The Environment
Allergens In The Environment
Pollutants In The Environment
Extreme Dampness In The Environment
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