Set the conditions for better indoor air.

Dry out the air to achieve a comfortable level of humidity at home.

The SunSack Dehumidifier
Air Dehumidifier

The SunSack Dehumidifier


Our Discret Dehumidification Unit

Keep you belongings protected by offering them the best air humidity everywhere.

The Cli-Mate range of Air Dehumidifier offers the state of the art in terms of performance, features and design.

The DH150S is ideal for small spaces.

Model: CLI-DH150S
Colour options:
The SunSack Dehumidifier
The SunSack Dehumidifier

Product DNA

Breath Better, Stay Healthy

Creates a drier, healthier environment by removing the high humidity causing mould and mildew. Reduces dampness and protects soft furnishings from musty odours.

Small Spaces Dehumidifcation

Ideal for small enclosed spaces: pantries, drawers, storage cases, wardrobes, car boots, caravans. An easy way to reduce dampness, stop mildew and rot in confined spaces.

Reusable and Non-Toxic

Moisture indicator turns from blue to pink when salt crystals need to be refreshed. Simply place in microwave or leave out in the sun. Can be refreshed hundreds of times.

Tailored to the Local Needs

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

Product Specifications

10.5 x 8 x 17.5 cm
12 months
Construction Materials
50mL per Use
Cli~Mate SunSack Dehumidifier Pouch

Cli~Mate SunSack Dehumidifier Pouch