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The power of perfect tea

What can perfect tasting tea do for you?

Perfect tea is possible

Different teas need different temperatures, to bring you perfect taste and aroma. So we’ve created a range of variable temperature tea makers and kettles that take the guesswork out of tea, and make every cup … perfect. 


You've got it made

Automatic Tea Makers

The Tea Maker™ and Tea Maker™ Compact each feature an automatic tea basket. Select your tea type with a single touch, and once your water reaches the precise temperature the basket goes to work. It effortlessly descends, emerging only once your tea’s been steeped for the exact time needed for the strength you desire – mild, medium or strong. It will even keep it warm till you’re ready to drink.  

Available in 7 cup  and 4 cup sizes


Tea Infusers

The Smart Tea Infuser™ and Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact heat your water to the ideal temperature and steep your tea all in one. The helpful timer tells you when your brew is done – simply lift out the infuser basket by its insulated handle, pour into your favourite cup, mug or glass … and enjoy. Comes in 7 cup (regular) and 4 cup (compact) sizes.


Variable Temperature Kettles

Our IQ Kettle™ range each heat your water to a precise temperature at the press of a button, ready for your favourite teapot or bag. With a variety of styles and features there’s one to suit every kitchen, and every taste.


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