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Perfect tasting tea

Every cup. Every time. Here’s how.

What’s hot? What’s not?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: different teas need different water temperatures. Rather than have you fiddle with measuring cups or thermometers, our tea makers and variable temperature kettles do it for you – all with a single touch. So you can be sure the next tea you make tastes its very best.


Time to steep

You can’t rush a good thing, and perfect tea takes time. Steep your leaves or bag between 3 and 5 minutes for black teas – slightly less for other types. Yes, the longer you steep, the stronger the brew – but take care! Over-steeped tea becomes bitter and unbalanced, which is why our tea makers and infusers come with a timer (manual or auto, depending on the model) to make sure you steep just long enough for the taste you love.


The right amount for the right result

If your grandma used to say ‘one teaspoon each and one for the pot’ she wasn’t far wrong. Typically, tea experts recommend one teaspoon per cup for hot tea, and two for iced – though you can experiment according to your taste. Our tea makers and infusers come with a measuring spoon, so you can be sure of a consistent amount.


Look after your leaves

Whether you like loose leaf or tea bags, and whatever your type of tea, the better your tea is stored, the better the tea you’ll drink. So keep your tea leaves or bags in a dry environment, in an airtight container, and away from sunlight (an opaque container in a cupboard or drawer is ideal).



Chinese ‘gongfu’ tea masters will tell you to slurp your tea loudly. While that might raise eyebrows in more Western cultures, tea – like wine – can be sipped and swirled to release its subtle flavours and nuances. Allow your tea to cool (a burnt tongue won’t taste much!), then enjoy the moment one satisfied sip at a time.


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