Air-Fried French Fries, From Frozen to Golden

Air-Fried French Fries, From Frozen to Golden

Your guide to achieving the gold standard for air frying: Just like deep-fried, but without a drop of oil.

20 mins total time

2 mins active time


Serves 2



  • 12 oz frozen French fries


  • 1We’ve found that as long as you stick with the standard French fry size of any producer for packaged frozen fries, our weight, time, and temperature work out great. But if you start getting into variations on shape, like wedges or curlies, you’ll need to follow the times and portion size on the package.
  • 2Start the preheat, and move on to the next step.
  • 3Space the fries out in an even layer in the air fry basket. Overlapping them will block air flow and sabotage the air frying, so give them some room.
  • 4When the oven is preheated, place the basket in rack position 3. Start the timer and let the air frying begin. You’ll get a Rotate Remind signal before they’re done, and when you do, toss the fries and rotate the basket. This will ensure even crispness.
  • 5The fries should be golden and crispy. If they need more color, you can give them a bit more time.
  • 6Carefully (as the air fry basket will be extremely hot) remove the fries from the oven.
  • 7With ketchup, mayo, salt, pepper, herbs, cheese, or bacon—enjoy these fries any way you like.