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Clean and tidy without triggering allergies

Nobody really looks forward to spring cleaning and for allergy and asthma sufferers the stirring up of common allergens such as dust, mould spores and pet hair can make a mess of their breathing. But after the long winter months, spring cleaning is also vital to creating a clean, healthy and trigger-free environment.

So, here’s some hot tips on how to spring clean your home and keep your airways fresh and clean at the same time.


Use a damp cloth to dust forgotten surfaces. Over the winter months, dust collects on windows, blinds, curtain rails and skirting boards. Using a damp cloth to clean these areas will keep the dust from spreading into the air and other surfaces.

Vacuum safely and thoroughly. If you can’t get someone else to do the vacuuming, then consider wearing a mask and make sure you have good ventilation or even better, a Breville Air Purifier running while and after you Vacuum.


Don’t sleep with dust mites. Ensure that bedding, sheets, pillow-cases and doonas are washed at greater than 55°C, at least once every two weeks.


Clean curtains and upholstery. Dust and allergens cling to soft surfaces, so it’s essential to wash, dry-clean or vacuum curtains, as well as couches and chairs to remove allergens, and wash or dry-clean throw rugs.


Remove mould. Mould can grow anywhere where there is dampness like bathrooms, garages, cellars and kitchens and is a significant trigger of asthma. After removing mould, take steps to prevent it coming back by keeping humidity below 60% with one of the new Breville range of Dehumidifiers.

Get rid of your best friend’s dander – Pet dander can build up over winter and make your allergy and asthma symptoms worse. The best way to keep your home free of pet allergens is to vacuum frequently, wash your pet’s bed and use a Breville Air Purifier wherever your pets roam in the home.


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