Breville Home Connect™ App User Guide

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Breville Home Connect™ App
User Guide

Step 1: Downloading and Installing

  1. Download app from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the Breville Home Connect™ App.
  3. Click 'Register'.
  4. Follow the steps and add verification code.
  5. Enter a unique password and select done.
Download Quickstart Guide

Step 2: Linking Your Breville Device/Add Device

  1. Locate the '+' icon on top right corner of app.
  2. Add Device: Auto, Manual (EZ Mode) or Manual (AP Mode).
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi connection, select 'Wi-Fi’ 2.4GHZ and add Wi-Fi details and password.
  4. Turn the Breville device on. Depending on the Add Device option chosen, ensure the 'Wi-Fi' symbol is blinking either rapidly or slowly.
  5. Follow the steps outlined in the Quickstart Guide.
  6. If unsuccessful, repeat steps or try one of the other options (Auto, Manual EZ Mode or Manual AP Mode).
  7. Once added the Breville device will appear on the home screen.

NOTE: It may take up to 2 minutes for the device to be located by the app.

Download Quickstart Guide

Step 3: Using the App Features

  1. Select the device and turn on and off remotely.
  2. Choose mode.
  3. Display may show current Outside Temperature, Location, Outdoor and Indoor PM2.5 and Filter Remaining Time.
  4. Key features:
  • Set Desired Room Temperature.
  • Set Timer for Running Time.
  • Turn Off the Light Ring.
  • Set Oscilation.

NOTE: App features vary depending on the Breville device used.


Step 4: Activating Voice Control (2 Options)

  1. Download third party app to mobile device (Amazon Alexa or Google Home/Assistant).
  2. Use a mobile phone device or compatible third party voice smart speaker device.
  3. Follow third party instructions for set-up.
  4. Link with the Breville Home Connect™ App.
  5. Once linked, follow the Breville device instruction booklet for the suggested list of commands to control your Breville connected device.
Download Quickstart Guide

Step 5: Using Smart/Automation Features

  1. Set devices to turn on with certain preset settings.
  2. Choose mode.
  3. Rename device.
  4. Set device to turn on and off based on:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Weather
  • Sunset/Sunrise
  • Wind Speed

Step 6: Me 'Profile'

  1. Home Management:
  • Manage all devices in your home.
  • Allow multiple users to join via ‘Home Management’.
  • Create a home for other users to access and control devices linked.
  1. Message Centre:
  • Notification of Smart Features/Automation Set-up Alerts.
  • Breville Home Connect™ App Updates.
  • FAQs and Feedback.
  1. Notification Settings.