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Water Filter Bottle
Water Filtration

Water Filter Bottle


The Unique Alternative to Spring Water Bottle

Environmentally friendly solution compared to bottled water. Save money, time & space compared to buying bottled water. No more carrying heavy cases of bottled water home from the store. Fits most water coolers and dispensers.

Model: AQP-FBOT4
Colour options:
Water Filter Bottle
Water Filter Bottle

Product DNA

Enjoy Healthier Great Tasting Water

Filtration system provides great tasting water by reducing Lead, Copper, Chlorine, bad taste and odour.

Save the Planet and Your Money

Water filter bottle filters the equivalent of 40 x 15 litre spring water bottles.Filter your own tap water for a few cents per litre*

Designed for your convenience

Digital filter replacement counter. New universal float valve system.

Product Specifications

26.5 x 26.5 x 30 cm
12 Month Warranty
Construction Materials
Bottle capacity 13L. Filtered water capacity 6.5L. Filter life 6 months or 600 litres.