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Now you can blend, juice or bluice.


A game-changer for your kitchen has arrived. You no longer have to choose between a blender or juicer.
Thanks to Breville’s innovative new design, you can blend, juice or bluice and enjoy all the nutrients, flavors and textures of your favorite beverages using the one space saving appliance.


Blend + Juice = BLUICE

Blend + Juice = Bluice

More flavors

Mealtime just got a whole lot more interesting and delicious. With a blender and juicer in one, there’s no limit to the incredible flavor combinations you can dream up. A basil berry frappe for breakfast, spicy butternut pumpkin soup for dinner, a Pina-kale-ada you can unleash fresh and tasty dishes in your kitchen.


More variety

Say goodbye to repetitive, bland and boring meals and hello to amazing taste sensations at home. Enjoy more variety every day, from fresh juices, dairy smoothies, iced frappes and smoothie bowls, through to colorful cocktails, mouthwatering marinades, delicious dips, vibrant soups and so much more.


More fun

Did you know you have 10,000 taste buds? That’s 10,000 reasons to keep things fresh, flavorsome and fun every single day. Juice the classics, blend your favorites, or bluice your own memorable creations with enhanced flavors and textures. Your taste buds will thank you every single day.