Sensor iQ® Technology

Perfect results made simple

Perfect results made simple

The Sensor iQ® technology is available in the Smooth Wave™

Precise Cooking and Reheating

Smart Cook and Sensor iQ® technology are designed to take the guesswork out of cooking by automatically adjusting power to precisely cook your favorite dishes and delicious treats with ease. When using Smart Reheat, the Sensor iQ® technology detects the steam released and automatically sets the ideal power and time for precise and delicious results.

Defrost Evenly

Smart Defrost takes over to deliver heat evenly without overheating and drying out edges. Gently and precisely defrost your favorite meals.

Power Smoothing™ Inverter

The Power Smoothing™ Inverter technology automatically adjusts power intensity for continuous, even heat distribution. Smart Cook, Smart Reheat and Smart Defrost with precision and ease.

Smart Presets

Breville’s Smart presets and LCD display put all the power at your fingertips. Making cooking, defrosting and reheating easier with one touch. 

One Touch Shortcuts

Clever shortcuts and One Touch auto settings reheat your pizza perfectly, melts velvety chocolate without overheating. Set your favorites with one touch for made fast and simple delicious results.