Somewhere between a drink and a dessert, the affogato is a perfect balance of hot, intense espresso and cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. It is an indulgent blend of flavors, best enjoyed after lunch or dinner.


Tip - For an even more indulgent Affogato, sprinkle on some dark chocolate coated hazelnuts.

What you need


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1 Scoop of

Vanilla Ice Cream

Double Espresso Shot

1. Ice Cream

First, add vanilla ice cream to a large glass. 1-2 scoops are recommended.  

2. Grind and Tamp

Next, purge your group head and preheat your portafilter, remove and then dry before grinding.  

Grind your freshly roasted beans. Give the portafilter a few gentle taps to settle the grounds before tamping on a level surface. Remember, consistent pressure is key. Use the Razor tool after tamping to ensure you have the correct dose - it precisely controls the height of the tamped coffee. 

3. Extract Espresso Shot

Place the portafilter into the group head. Twist until it’s firmly in place. Before you start the shot, make sure you set your cup or jug underneath. Extract the double espresso, which should flow like warm honey. Pour the hot espresso over the cold ice cream.