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Different teas require different temperatures to bring out their delicate tastes and aromas. Find the perfect tea maker for you.

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Automatic & Electric Tea Kettles

Experience the most delicious tea from home by using the best electric kettle from Breville. Having the right automatic kettle in your home can ensure that every mug and meal has the best possible beginning. A Breville automatic tea kettle encourages you to easily elevate the drinks you love and simplify the food-prep process, turning simple delights into masterpieces.

The temperature at which you brew your coffee or tea can impact its overall quality. That’s because different tea varieties can best express their full flavors and aromas at different temperatures. That’s why we designed a range of electric kettles.


Breville’s smart electric tea kettle gives you the temperature control you need to brew your perfect cup of tea or coffee, with five temperature settings designed for Black, Green, White, and Oolong teas, as well as French Press coffee.

With the ability to pre-select the desired temperature of your water, you can bring out the best flavor from whatever’s in your cup. From tea to pour-over coffee, you can enjoy a barista-quality beverage every time.


Sometimes, all you need is an appliance that can quickly boil your water and keep it hot. Our Soft Top® and Crystal Clear™ kettles are the perfect countertop companion to heat water efficiently. Whenever you need boiling water, you can have it in a flash, whether you’re brewing your morning cup or getting ready to make a delicious pasta dinner.


Whether you choose an automatic electric kettle or a manual tea kettle, you’re buying a durable, aesthetically pleasing appliance that won’t let you down. All of Breville's electric kettles have been developed with its prominent place of display in mind and will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. From durable glass to stainless steel kettles, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality electric tea kettle from Breville. Shop more kitchen appliances today!