Waffle Makers & Irons

Make perfect waffles every time. Customize your waffle style and enjoy mess-free cooking.

waffle makers

Breakfast and brunch like a pro with a Breville waffle maker that makes crispy, golden waffles without the mess thanks to the no mess moat feature that catches excess batter.

Say goodbye to burnt edges and raw waffle batter pockets with even heat distribution across waffle iron plates for perfectly cooked waffles. Deep cooking nonstick plates also ensure thicker, fluffier waffles.


Select Pro models feature LCD displays that allow you to choose the type of waffle you are cooking for more accurate results. Choose from Belgian waffle, classic waffle, chocolate, buttermilk or custom settings. You'll have perfectly cooked waffles every time you use the Breville Smart Waffle Pro maker.


Our latest waffle makers also include the "A Bit More" button that allows you to add extra cooking time without starting a new cycle at the risk of burning.


Waffle batter will never stick to your cooking plates thanks to premium PFOA-free non-stick coating which makes the cleanup a lot easier.