Electric Woks, Skillets & Deep Fryers

Powerful woks and Smart Fryers are a must-have in any kitchen.


Enjoy delicious homemade favorites like fried chicken or stir fry with our range of electric woks, deep fryers and skillets.

Our electric woks feature searing high-wall heat to allow you to achieve Asian style gas fryer cooking results. The elements of our powerful woks are configured to heat the bottom and sides of the pan for an authentic stir fry.


With 15 food & heat settings, our woks make quick work of stir fries, steaming, braising and shallow frying with less oil. Our wok bowls and tempered glass lids are also dishwasher safe and are PFOA free non-stick which means they are easy to clean.


Breville's deep fryer is the first to have a dedicated twice cooked function for super crispy french fries. It features an LCD food menu that automatically selects the correct time and temperature and a powerful immersed 1800W element to recover temperature quickly. Deep fry a batch of French fries, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks; with our automatic oil temperature control and time settings, they'll come out perfectly fried and golden brown every time. This electric deep fryer also makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients.


Check here for replacement parts for your Breville wok, electric deep fryer or skillet.