Wall Street Hustle

Wall Street Hustle

"Sous Vide an entire cocktail really changes the dynamic of the cocktail. The flavors of all the ingredients bind together more than a traditional batched cocktail. Sous Vide expands the components in the bitters as well leaving the consumer with endless layers of flavors throughout the drink. A full Sous Vide cocktail also reduces the bartenders steps when making a drink which leaves more time to capture more sales.” ~ Phil Wills, The Spirits in Motion

2 hrs total time

5 mins active time


Makes 9 cocktails



Spiced Manhattan Batch:

  • 16 oz rye whiskey
  • 8 oz sweet vermouth
  • ½ tsp Angostura bitters
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 5 black peppercorns


  • 3 whole nutmeg
  • 2 cloves


  • 1 star anise


  • ½ peel of orange

To Serve:

  • 2½ oz Spiced Manhattan Batch
  • 1 Luxardo cherry
  • 1 orange peel



  • 1Combine all the Spiced Manhattan Batch ingredients in a sous vide bag and vacuum seal.
  • 2Set the HydroPro to 150°F and cook for 1hr.
  • 3Remove the bag from the water bath and place in an ice bath to stop slow the infusion. Chill completely.
  • 4Strain through a fine mesh strainer and store refrigerated.
  • 5To serve, pour 2½ oz of the batched cocktail into a mixing glass and stir with ice.
  • 6Strain into a chilled coupe.
  • 7Garnish with a Luxardo cherry and flamed orange.