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Filter basket rinse

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With the Barista Express®, café-quality third wave specialty coffee is right at your fingertips. Our most popular manual espresso machine, the Barista Express®, will transform you from a coffee lover to a passionate at-home barista. However, if you’re going to extract and brew like the experts, you’ll need to behave like one, too—and that means regular cleaning and maintenance! Although some parts of your Barista Express® only need occasional cleaning, some need to be maintained before or after every use. The filter basket is one of those items. In this video, our host shows you how to perform a filter basket rinse after each brewing session. Doing this will avoid residual coffee buildup and promote a higher-quality extraction. As our host demonstrates, make sure that your filter basket has cooled down before cleaning. When it’s ready, give it a rinse under hot water, along with your portafilter. You might notice that some of the portafilter holes are clogged—if this is the case, find the cleaning tablets included with your Barista Express®. Dissolve one into hot water, and soak both the basket and portafilter for 20 minutes. Give it a good rinse, and you’re all set!

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