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How to clean portafilter and filter basket

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With the Barista Express®, you can create beautiful, café-quality third wave specialty drinks in your home. This is your gateway to producing cappuccinos, flat whites, and other espresso creations whenever you want. However, in order to consistently produce high-quality cups, it’s important for you to regularly clean and maintain every part of their machine. In this video, our host shows you how to clean the portafilter and basket that came with your Barista Express®. Regularly cleaning these parts will help you to avoid a buildup of coffee residue, which can affect flavor. Join our host and learn how to remove their filter basket before giving it a good wash with hot water, mild detergent, and a scouring brush. You can also use the included cleaning tablet to soak and clean the metal part of their portafilter. Include both of these activities in an occasional clean. However, as our host demonstrates, it’s recommended to flush your portafilter with water after every use—but be sure to dry it with a cloth afterward!

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