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How to clean the shower screen

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With the Breville Barista Express®, you can turn your passion for coffee into an expert skill! As our most popular manual espresso machine, the Barista Express® lets you grind, dose, and extract your espresso all in one go—and in under a minute! You’ll by creating beautiful, barista-quality third wave specialty coffees in no time. Like a barista, you’ll need to properly care for your machine to keep it in tip-top shape—and that means regularly cleaning every part. In this video, our host explains how to clean the shower screen included with your Barista Express®. This is to avoid a buildup of coffee residue which can have a serious effect on your coffee’s flavor. As our host demonstrates, cleaning the shower screen of your Barista Express® is easy. First, put an empty portafilter and filter basket into your group head. Then, press the '1-Cup' button to briefly flow hot water through the group head. Press '1-Cup' again to stop, and then remove your portafilter. Give it a good rinse and you’re all set. If you add this small bit of maintenance to your regular cleaning routine, it will make a huge difference to the overall quality of your coffee!

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