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How to perform a clear water backflush

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Keeping the Breville Barista Express® clean as your brew and between uses is essential to creating delicious, cafe-quality specialty coffee. You don’t want anything to come between you and that full-bodied flavor, so it is vital to cleanse away loose grounds, coffee oils, and other residues that can build up in the system. We have made the system easy to clean, and, in this video, we demonstrate how to perform a clear water backflush. We recommend you complete a clear water backflush at the end of each brewing session, so your machine is always ready to brew your next cup of coffee. Begin by emptying the drip tray and returning it to the espresso maker. Follow along to learn how to use the grey silicone cleaning disc inserted into the portafilter to complete the clear water backflush. Next, you’ll see how to use the controls on the Barista Express® to run the hot water backflush through the system, cleansing vital components. Complete this backflush cycle 4-5 times, and you’ll be ready to brew your next cup of exceptional, third-wave coffee.

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