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How to replace the water filter

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When planning to make delicious, third-wave specialty coffee, it’s all about the ingredients, right? You choose the finest, freshly roasted coffee beans (but not too fresh!). And you use fresh milk for creating textured milk to perfect your coffee. But how much do you think about the water you use? Not to worry, with the Breville Barista Express®, we’ve got you covered with a water filtration system that ensures you’ll be brewing with the best water. The water filter included with your machine filters for 90 days or 10.6 gallons—at which point, you’ll need to replace the water filter. In this video, you will learn how to remove the water tank to access the water filter and how to disassemble the water filter housing to replace a used filter. 1) To replace the water filter (after discarding the old one), first insert the new filter in water to soak, preparing it for use. 2) Next, learn to reassemble the water filter housing and place the new filter into the water tank. 3) Set the time counter to help keep track of the next time to replace it. 4) Finally, replace the water filter housing into the tank. Refill the tank and re-attach it to the espresso machine. Your Barista Express® is now ready to make its next brew!

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