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How to make an americano

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With the Barista Express®, you can create café-quality third wave specialty coffees in your own home. Whether you prefer a macchiato, cappuccino, or classic espresso shot, it’s all possible with your new Barista Express®. You can grind, dose, and extract your espresso beans in under a minute! In this video, our host demonstrates how you can brew a perfect Americano, or long black, using your Barista Express®. The Americano is made by pouring an espresso shot over hot water for a voluminous, longer-lasting drink. Serve it black, or with a splash of milk. As our host demonstrates, you can make an Americano by placing a filled and tamped portafilter into the group head. Bring a cup beneath the 'Hot Water' spout, and rotate your Steam Dial to the position reading 'Hot Water.' Flow hot water into your cup, but don’t go all the way to the top—save room for your espresso! Bring your hot water beneath the portafilter and brew your preferred shot of espresso directly inside. Congratulations, you have just brewed your first Americano! Now that you’ve mastered this delicious drink, you can experiment with other third wave specialty drinks, like cappuccinos and flat whites.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here