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How to tamp and trim the dose

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With Breville’s Barista Express®, you can brew delicious, café-quality third wave specialty coffees in your own kitchen, whenever you want. It’s easy to get the hang of this machine—in under a minute, you’ll be able to grind, dose, and extract espresso beans like a professional barista. As any barista knows, the backbone of a beautiful brew is an evenly tamped and accurate dose of ground espresso beans. In this video, our host demonstrates how to tamp and trim ground espresso for a perfect extraction, every time. First, fill your filter basket with freshly ground beans and give the portafilter a few good taps to distribute. Use your tamper to firmly press down the grounds. If the metallic top edge of the tamper is flush with the edge of the filter basket, then you’ve tamped correctly. You can now trim the dose. Insert your included Razor™ tool into the filter basket, so that its shoulder rests on the lip of the basket. Hold the portafilter on an angle over your knock box. Rotate the Razor™ back and forth to trim away all the excess ground beans.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here