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How to create latte art: the dot

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With the Breville Barista Express®, you can create beautiful, café-quality third wave specialty coffee at home in under a minute. The unique design of our most popular manual espresso machine lets you grind, dose, and extract all in one go. It also features a powerful steam wand to texture perfect microfoam milk. Now that you know how to use your Barista Express® machine, it’s time to enter the world of latte art. With the right combination of perfectly textured microfoam, well-extracted espresso, and the patience to practice, you can create hearts, rosettas, and tulips—but it all starts with 'The Dot.' In this video, our host demonstrates how to create this latte art standard. You can use it as a starting point for other designs. Once your espresso is brewed and your milk textured, hold your jug high over a tilted cup. Aim for the center of the crema, and pour a thin stream of milk into the cup. Tilt the cup upwards as it starts to fill, and move the lip of the jug towards the milk’s surface—almost touching. You will see a white dot appear. Pour steadily and watch it grow. Well done, you’ve created The Dot.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here