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How to manually texture microfoam milk

If you want to make picture-perfect third wave specialty coffees, you need to learn the basics of milk texturing. That’s easy with the Breville Barista Express®! Our most popular manual espresso machine, the Barista Express®, lets you brew café-quality cups in under a minute—and you can use our powerful steam wand to perfectly texture milk. In this video, our host demonstrates how to manually texture milk for latte art and specialty drinks. First, fill your jug with cold milk (just below the spout) and purge your steam wand. Within 8 seconds, lift the wand 1-2 cm into your milk jug. Turn the dial to 'Steam' and wait for your milk to form a whirlpool. Bring your wand tip to the surface of the milk by lowering the jug—this aerates your milk. Continue the whirlpool until the jug is hot to touch—that means it’s 140-150 degrees F. Flick the dial to 'Standby' and remove the wand from the jug. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth, then return it to position above the drip tray. Turn the dial back to 'Steam' to remove any leftover milk from the wand. Give your milk jug a tap to remove any bubbles. Done!

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