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Group head purge

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Keeping up with the daily cleaning routine for The Oracle™ Touch will help keep your espresso machine in top form. Coffee oils and used particles can get stuck in the group head, so it's important to clean them every day if you want to enjoy consistent, exceptional coffee drinks. Make a group head purge a regular part of your coffee routine with these three steps. 1) Before making espresso, insert the filter basket into the portafilter, then put the group head into the portafilter. 2) Next, run a short flow of water through the group head by touching the '1-Cup' brew button. 3) Allow the water to flow for five seconds, then touch the '1-Cup' brew button again to stop the flow of water. This action will purge any ground coffee residue from the group head, which will stabilize the water temperature before brewing espresso. Now you're ready for that perfect cup to start your day.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here