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How to clean portafilter and filter basket

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Cleaning your Oracle® Touch espresso machine is essential for keeping it in the best working order, ensuring that each and every coffee drink tastes great. The portafilter and filter basket will hold the coffee grounds in place and allow water to flow through them to create delicious coffee. It's also important to clean them regularly to avoid any coffee residue build-up. In this video, the host will take you through each step of the process: 1) The first step is to take the filter basket out of the machine and wash it with a scouring brush and light detergent and hot water. 2) You can also use a cleaning tablet to soak the metal part of the portafilter in hot water. 3) As part of your regular routine, flush the portafilter after each shot and dry with a cloth. This will help your portafilter and filter basket stay clean so that you're always drinking the best-tasting coffee possible.

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