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How to perform a cleaning cycle

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Regularly cleaning The Oracle® Touch ensures you get great tasting coffee, each and every time. This top-of-the-line machine features an automatic alert that will send a pop-up message when it's time to perform a cleaning cycle. Simply follow the prompts on your screen. To manually perform the cleaning cycle, access the settings menu by touching the cog icon located on the upper right of the screen. Scroll down and select the 'Clean Cycle.' Before starting, empty the drip tray and reinsert it into the machine. Then insert the single shot basket into the portafilter. Next, place all the parts into the machine, including the gray silicone cleaning disc into the basket with the cleaning tablet in the center and the portafilter into the group head. Then select 'Continue' on the screen. Press 'Start' to perform a clean cycle. The screen will indicate when the clean cycle is finished. At this stage, remove the portafilter, flush the group head, and thoroughly rinse the portafilter. The cleaning tablet should be completely dissolved after finishing the cycle. If it hasn't, perform another clean cycle until the tablet is completely dissolved.

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