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Oracle Touch

How to adjust the tamp height

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Your perfect cup of brew starts with the perfect dose of freshly ground coffee beans. Adjusting the tamp height on The Oracle® Touch makes it easy to control the amount of coffee that gets dispensed into the portafilter. To adjust the tamp height, use the allen key provided with the espresso machine. Pull the tamping fan down from the grind outlet and loosen the fan coupling inside the machine by rotating it counterclockwise. You can loosen the tamping fan by using the magnetic part of the handle found on the grind outlet brush. Then adjust the lens of the coupling by loosening the fastener with the allen key and rotating the tamp height to the desired length. Once you've made your adjustments, put the fan back into place, and then treat yourself to a delicious cup of brew!

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here