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How to create latte art

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Latte art is a creative journey that ranges from simple to complex patterns. Whatever style of latte art you want to make, they all require three things: well-extracted espresso, perfectly textured milk, and a lot of practice. The great thing about The Oracle® Touch is that it allows you to automatically create microfoam milk with a silky taste and velvety mouthfeel. Its high-pressure steam wand creates powerful steam pressure at around 260 degrees F, allowing you to make any type of latte art you want. Follow five simple steps to start perfecting your latte art. 1) Start by holding the jug up high and the cup tilted to create a larger surface area of the espresso. 2) Pour a thin, constant stream of microfoam, piercing the center of the crema. 3) As the cup starts to fill, tilt it more upright, not letting it spill, and bring the tip of the jug close to the surface of the milk, almost touching it. 4) At this point you'll start to see a white dot. 5) Keep pouring steadily, making the dot larger, the first step in creating popular latte art such as The Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, and more.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here