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How to create latte art: the dot

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Learning how to create 'The Dot' is essential to most latte art. The good news is that you can create barista-quality latte art from the comfort of your own home with The Oracle® Touch. You start by holding the jug up high and keeping the cup tilted, which will create a larger surface area of the espresso. Then you pour a thin constant stream of microfoam to pierce the center of the crema. As the cup starts to fill, tip the cup in a more upright position—though not enough to spill. Then bring the tip of the jug close to the surface of the milk, almost touching it. At this stage, a white dot will start to appear. As you steadily pour the microfoam, the dot will appear larger. 'The Dot' is the first step in creating more complex patterns such as the popular heart, tulip, and rosetta.

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