Espresso Machines

How to perform a cleaning cycle

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To make the most of the Oracle®, regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial. Performing a cleaning cycle will produce better extractions and prevent a buildup of oils, milk, or coffee grounds. You'll know when it's time to perform this cleaning function when a pop-up message saying 'Clean Me' appears on the screen. To start the cleaning cycle, insert the included gray silicone cleaning disc and one cleaning tablet into the filter basket. Make sure the drip tray is empty, lock the portafilter into the group head, and ensure the water tank is filled with cold water. Then press the 'Menu' button and rotate the 'Select' dial until you see 'Clean Cycle' and 'Push' displayed on the LCD screen. Press the 'Select' dial to start cleaning. A countdown timer will appear on the LCD screen to display how much time remains. When the cleaning cycle is finished, remove the portafilter, making sure the cleaning tablet is completely dissolved. If the tablet hasn't dissolved, repeat these steps until it is no longer visible. Finally, rinse the filter basket and portafilter thoroughly before using the machine.

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