Faces of Coffee

Specialty coffee’s unsung heroes.

In late 2021, Breville embarked on a journey to bring attention and investment to the people and communities in coffee-producing countries around the world.

To help identify these unsung heroes, Breville invited roasters involved in the company’s beanz.com platform to nominate individuals within their supply chains who they believed were making a difference in the coffee world – from pickers to baristas. Fourteen roasters made nominations, and in turn, Breville donated funds for each story to a non-profit committed to community development work in coffee-producing countries..

Breville partnered with Sami Stewart and Adam Shaw of Civilian Visual Media (CVM) to conduct interviews with these nominees. Throughout the 2022 calendar year, CVM travelled to each nominee's location, where they documented their stories, captured their portraits, and delved deeper into the work that enriches the coffee industry. The result is a compelling collection that showcases Roaster Operators, Green Buyers, Business Owners, Farmers, and Community Leaders from every corner of the industry.

These individuals represent just a fraction of those who contribute to the enrichment of the speciality coffee world, and we consider it a privilege to help share their stories.

Adam is one of the owners of U.S. based coffee company Deeper Roots Coffee and Owner of Civilian Visual Media. He was able to meld his two loves of Photography/Videography and promoting stories of coffee producers through the Faces of Coffee project. When he’s not doing coffee work or video work, you can find him riding his bike or hanging with his growing family.

Sami holds a Bachelor's in Journalism and has been writing professionally for the last six years. Having spent nearly a decade working as a barista, Sami came to love the rich interpersonal potential of the coffee world. In her free time, she enjoys reading good books, eating great food and spending time in nature.

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Faces of Coffee