What is nitro cold brew coffee?

After growing in popularity in recent years, it seems that nitrogen gas-infused beverages are here to stay. In fact, according to a recent consumer products report, the global nitro-infused beverages market reached a peak of $69.17 million in 2021 and is expected to grow to $366 million by 2030.

What does this mean for coffee lovers? Nitro cold brew coffee—once a craft beverage—is likely to become more common as an offering at major coffee chains and grocery stores globally. 

But what is a nitro cold brew? How is it different from a regular cold brew or even regular coffee? This ultimate nitro cold brew guide will simplify the drink’s main benefits, clarify its differences from other coffee types, and even teach you how to make your own nitrogen coffee at home.

What is nitro cold brew?

Nitro cold brew is a cold brew coffee drink that’s been infused with nitrogen, imbuing the coffee with a thick, foamy head and an appearance similar to a stout, draft beer.

The “nitro” refers to the nitrogen infusion of the beverage—the process of adding nitrogen through a pressurized valve. 

Interestingly, coffee isn’t the only beverage that’s begun to receive the nitrogen infusion treatment. Nitro beers, sodas, and teas are also popping up everywhere.

What is cold brew?

What is cold brew coffee, and why does it get the nitro treatment over iced coffee or regular hot coffee? 

Cold brew coffee results from steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for an extended period. The resulting flavor is usually sweeter and less intense than regular brewed coffee. 

When infused with nitrogen bubbles, the cold brew coffee tends to have a silkier, smoother texture and enhanced flavor (which coffee can lose when brewed the regular way).

For many, cold brew is already a more approachable alternative to regular coffee, and incorporating the nitro treatment makes the beverage much more appealing.

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Benefits of nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brewed coffee’s immense popularity is due in no short part to its various benefits. From the fresh flavor profile to the nutritional makeup of the drink, nitrogen-infused coffee has become an appetizing choice for many coffee lovers.

Nitro cold brew’s next-level flavor

The most obvious benefit of nitro cold brew is its distinctive taste—but what is nitro coffee flavor?

The best way to describe the cold drink is: 

● Slightly sweet in taste

● Thick, velvety, and satiny in texture

The cold brew steeping process neutralizes much of the acidity of drip coffee, and the nitrogen results in a thick, velvety foam layer that sinks from the top of the drink to the bottom.

Nitro cold brew’s economical advantage

Brewing cold brew in air-tight containers allows the beverage to have a longer shelf life, and because it can be brewed in large batches, this gives nitro cold brew the possibility to be a cost-conscious offering for cafes. 

An additional benefit? Nitro cold brew is easy to serve once made, cutting prep time to mere seconds—simply pour and serve.

How to make nitro cold brew at home

Luckily, nitro cold brew is easy to make and doesn’t require a professional-style coffee maker. Follow these simple steps to home-make your nitro cold brew recipe:

1. Prepare the cold brew - To do this, take a large, airtight container (preferably glass or plastic) and add coarse coffee grounds and filtered water—a 1 to 4 ratio of coffee grounds to water is recommended. Leave the container in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours.

2. After enough time has passed, filter the coffee grounds out of the cold brew. You can do this by pouring the coffee into a second container through a fine kitchen filter screen or traditional coffee filter. Repeat as many times as needed to filter out all of the grounds.

3. For the most crucial step—adding the nitrogen to the cold brew—you’ll need a whipped cream dispenser or a mini-keg. Either of these appliances holds a nitrogen gas cartridge and automatically infuses the liquid as you pour. After you complete this step, you can enjoy your at-home nitro brew!

Discover more tips on how to make cold brew at home. 

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What is nitro cold brew coffee?