6 stand mixer uses for cooking and baking

From silky homemade ice cream to freshly made pizza dough, these culinary images have one element in common: they’re all made possible with a stand mixer. Yet beyond batters, dips, and doughs, the stand mixer uses and capabilities will feel limitless in the right kitchen. 


To understand the kitchen appliance that can help you craft everything from shredded chicken to Italian buttercream, read on. It’s time to redefine what this classic kitchen mixer can truly achieve.

What can I use a stand mixer for?

At first glance, stand mixers might seem limited to creating cakes, cookies, or whipped cream. But beneath its polished surface, a world of opportunity emerges. A stand mixer is like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, tirelessly working at whatever pace you set—be that a gentle stir or a rapid whirl.

Consider the following creative options:

1. Mash and mince savory dishes - Don’t stop at dessert. Dip into the savory spectrum with a bowl of effortlessly prepared and fluffy mashed potatoes. Mix up a flavorful guacamole dip with your favorite ingredients or emulsify your own salad dressing.

2. Mix all-purpose eggs - The vigorous and consistent motions of a stand mixer transform your eggs into whatever they’re needed for, be that breakfast or baking. So, if you’re dreaming of airy, fluffy scrambled eggs for the whole family, you can do so while giving your arms a break from whisking those egg whites.

A stand mixer is an extension of your culinary imagination. With applications from cooking to baking and beyond, it saves you time and labor when crafting dishes, sweet and savory alike. 

Can I use a stand mixer for kneading dough? 

Kneading dough is the one task that can dissuade home cooks from taking the plunge into homemade bread and pasta. Thankfully, this is where a stand mixer excels. 

Concoct any of the following doughs to put your stand mixer to the test:

3. Pizza dough - Anyone who's tried hand-kneading pizza dough knows it can be a workout. But with a stand mixer, achieving that perfect, stretchy consistency is simple. Stand mixers easily achieve supple dough ready to be shaped, topped, and baked into a crisp, golden crust.

4. Pasta dough - Making pasta from scratch is nothing short of an art. Pasta dough demands kneading to the right consistency, and this is where the stand mixer shines. From delicate angel hair to hearty fettuccine, stand mixers ensure your dough is textured for easy rolling and shaping.

5. Baking dough - Beyond pizza and pasta, the stand mixer is ideal for all sorts of baked goodies. Think airy bread loaves, flaky croissants, soft cookies, and even buttery brioche. The electric mixer's consistent kneading action helps the dough develop optimally, ensuring your baked treats have the right structure and crumb.

From Italian cuisine to French patisseries, your stand mixer may be your new secret weapon. No more sore arms and inconsistent textures—just perfectly crafted dough every time. 

What’s the difference between a hand mixer and stand mixer?

Both hand and stand mixers are valuable tools in the kitchen. Nonetheless, they have a few distinctions worth considering:

● Size and power – Hand mixers offer lightweight portability—ideal if you only bake occasionally. On the other hand, stand mixers trade this flexibility for stability and stronger motors to tackle bigger kitchen tasks that a handheld mixer can’t.

● Attachments and versatility – Stand mixers win out with various attachments, such as paddles, whisks, dough hooks, and even more specialized parts for making a variety of dishes.

● Hands-free operation – This is an important consideration for the multitasking home chef and baker. Stand mixers can run independently and leave your hands free for other essential tasks.

The choice between a hand mixer vs. stand mixer ultimately depends on your specific cooking and baking needs, ideal level of versatility, and kitchen space.

If you only need to whip up the occasional merengue or mix cake batter, a hand mixer can serve you well. But for heavier tasks like kneading dough or prepping for the local bake sale, you’ll likely value the stand mixer’s robust automation.

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6 stand mixer uses for cooking and baking