Drip Filter

Perhaps the easiest way to make multiple cups of coffee in a short period of time, drip filter coffee rejects the high-pressure world of espresso for a slower, more thoughtful approach. The result is a lighter, less concentrated, and often more complex cup.


Tip - While waiting for your brew, here’s a useful tip: the shape of the basket and filter will influence the taste of your cup, accentuating different flavors of the same coffee.

What you need

Precision Brewer

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Large Cup or Mug

1. Filter Paper Prep

A note before you start: the dose is dependent on two factors – how many cups you’ll be brewing and your taste preference. The SCA recommended ratio is 1:18, or 55g of coffee per 1ltr of water.  

First, place the filter paper into the semi-conical basket. The semi-conical basket will help enhance the flavor. Gently wet the paper. 

2. The Grind

Grind 23g of coffee beans to a size that resembles coarse table salt. Pour the ground coffee into the basket and tap to settle.  

3. Add Water

Fill the water tank to 500ml. Choose the setting for SCA Gold Cup on the Breville Precision Brewer and let the machine work its magic. 

4. The Pour

Pour your delicious filter coffee direct from the carafe.