Cleaning & Maintenance

A clean machine equals clean coffee, so it’s essential to clean and maintain your home espresso machine.  

Keep it clean

“A major difference between a home user and a professional café is the cleaning side of things. When you’ve invested money on a home coffee machine to produce great-tasting third wave specialty coffee - the last thing you want is for that machine to become faulty due to you not cleaning it correctly.” 

Ryan McLachlan, Coffee Specialist at Breville, Sydney, Australia 

Know how and when 

There are two main reasons for keeping a machine clean: The first is that making coffee in a clean machine will lead to a nicer tasting cup of coffee. The second is that keeping your machine clean will  help it last longer.  

Cleaning and maintenance should cover all aspects of your machine, from cleaning your group head and steam wand, to descaling, to changing the water filter regularly. As a rule, if 2-5 cups of coffee are made per day, some parts should be cleaned every week, whereas the grinder and water tank only need to be cleaned every two to three weeks. 

In this video, you’ll learn about the four main areas that you’ll need to address regularly to maintain your home espresso machine.