Parts for coffee grinders

Breville carries a variety of parts for your Coffee Grinders. Find your product and browse for the part that fits your needs.

Delicious Third Wave Specialty Coffee begins with freshly ground coffee beans. Keep your coffee grinder humming right with Breville coffee grinder parts and accessories.

If you're searching for the Breville coffee grinder replacement parts for your home grinder, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the parts and accessories for the Smart Grinder™ Pro, the Conical Burr Grinder, the Smart Grinder, and the Dose Control™ Pro right here.

Intelligent Breville Coffee Grinders

Discover machine-specific replacement parts for every one of our Breville coffee grinders. From knock boxes to portafilter kits and burr kits, every Breville coffee grinder part and accessory you need to achieve the ideal grind and dose is here. Whether you’re running low on your espresso cleaning tablets or need a new brush grinder, it’s essential to keep your coffee grinder clean and in top working condition. Keeping your grinder running smoothly helps you get the most full-flavored coffee. Because you don’t want to taste anything but the coffee, we recommend reordering your cleaning supplies before using the last one.

Every component plays a critical role in producing freshly ground coffee to your exact specifications quickly and neatly at home. Should you need a new hopper bean, hopper bean lid, upper burr kit, drip tray, grinds container, grind catch box, knock box — either mini or full-sized — or a new razor tool for measuring the perfect dose, you’ll be pleased to find machine-specific Breville coffee grinder accessories and replacement parts for each machine we make.

At Breville, we take coffee grinders seriously so you can enjoy delicious, Third Wave Specialty coffee at home. When you’re ready to upgrade your coffee experience, try adding your freshly ground coffee to one of our Breville espresso machines.