Parts for grills & sandwich makers

Breville carries a variety of parts for your Grills & Sandwich Makers. Find your product and browse for the part that fits your needs.

Breville grill parts and accessories ensure you’ll continue to enjoy the café style paninis and custom grilled sandwiches you’ve grown to love.

Smart Grills, Sandwich Presses, and More

When you elevated your sandwich-making game and started turning out delectable grilled hot stuff sandwiches, your family learned to expect extraordinary flavor. After setting the bar high, there’s no going back.

Breville sandwich press accessories and parts keep your sandwich maker grilling like new. Discover the appliance-specific parts you need for the Panini Duo™, the Smart Grill™, the Sear & Press™ Grill, the Quick Clean™, the iKon Removable Plate Grill, the Panini Grill™, and the Die-Cast Indoor BBQ & Grill. Everything you need to ensure your sandwich maker and grill continues to turn meats, veggies, and bread into perfectly grilled sandwiches, paninis, and sears. You can even make perfectly crispy waffles with our No-mess Waffle™ Plates for the Sear & Press™ Grill.

Do you need a ribbed cooking plate to produce those attractive and tasty grill lines on your hot sandwiches? We’ve got the Breville grill accessories and parts you need to maintain our Grills & Sandwich Makers producing fabulous flavor. Whether you’re looking for new control knobs, drip trays, or handles, we have exactly what you’re looking for. And, wouldn’t it be great if there were a specially designed spatula that could scoop your grilled sandwich off the ridged cook plate, without scratching the plate yet capturing every bit of the melting deliciousness? Yep — we’ve got that ribbed spatula, too.

After experiencing the extraordinary grilled sandwiches you make with Breville, you will never go back to ordinary sandwiches again.