Parts Tea Makers

Breville carries a variety of parts for your Tea Makers. Find your product and browse for the part that fits your needs.

Keep the delicious, fragrant, and full-flavored tea coming! Our Breville kettle and tea maker replacement parts ensure your next cup is just how you love it.

Check out the specific components for the Soft Top®, the Tea Maker™, the Smart Kettle™ Luxe, the IQ Kettle™ Pure, the Temp Select™, the IQ Kettle™, the Soft Top® Pure, the Crystal Clear™, the Tea Maker™ Compact, the Smart Tea Infuser™, the Smart Tea Infuser™ Compact, and the Soft Top®.

Once you have experienced tea as it should be made, you’ll never want to go without. That makes it essential that you find the exact components that work with your Breville tea maker. Should you need to replace your tea basket, lid seal, removable tea filter, or tea scoop, we’ve got the specific parts required to keep your tea utterly delicious.