Parts for wine products

Breville carries a variety of parts for your Wine Products. Find your product and browse for the part that fits your needs.

Breville wine parts and accessories ensure that smarter decanting will always be yours, with the Breville So₂mmelier®.

The Efficiency of Breville Smart Wine Decanters

If you love having a fully decanted wine available to you in just a minute with the push of a button, you’ll want to ensure your So₂mmelier® is kept in perfect working order. We’ve got the Breville wine accessories and parts you might need to keep the perfectly decanted wine and spirits flowing. At last, when a guest brings a bottle of wine to dinner, you can serve it with the meal and enjoy its full bouquet!

Are you looking for a replacement carafe for your So₂mmelier, or an additional one (or three) to enable optimum decanting of several wines throughout the evening? Either way, our Breville wine replacement parts include what you’re looking for. Choose from the So₂mmelier Carafe 200ml / 7 fl.oz and the larger the So₂mmelier Carafe 750ml / 25 fl.oz and take your entertaining to the next level. Both carafes allow the flow of 90% pure oxygen through your wine, so it touches every precious drop.

Life, like perfectly decanted wine, is meant to be savored. That’s why we created Breville smart wine decanters.