Dialling In for Drip Filter Coffee

“Dialling in” means honing your drip filter recipe to get the best possible flavours out of your specialty coffee beans.

Dial in the difference

“Dialling in is as relevant for drip filter coffee as it is for espresso, because you’re working with similar parameters. Brew ratio, brewing method, the roast of the beans, and grind size are all variables you can tweak.”

Dan Yee, Artificer Coffee, Sydney, Australia.

The taste is in the details

Dialling in drip filter coffee is particularly important when you’re trying new beans; maybe it’s an origin or variety that you’ve never tasted before. 

Before you start, it’s worth looking at three key areas:

1. Grind size

2. Brewing time

3. Roast date

These are all things that affect the flavours in the final cup. 

You can brew drip filter coffee in a number of different ways, from full immersion to percolation and automated batch brewing. However, no matter your brewing method, there are plenty of variables to play around with.  

This video will help you understand more about the process of dialling in, and teach you how to brew great-tasting drip filter coffee.