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the Mistic 2 in 1™ Connect Tower Fan & Humidifier

Dual function for greater comfort

For a healthy home and family, this unique tower fan combines strong airflow and fine mist emission to help you live fresher, sleep better and wake up feeling healthy. It also looks sleek with its auto front cover and discreet internal oscillation.

Model: LTF408SIL2IAN1
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the Mistic 2 in 1™ Connect Tower Fan & Humidifier

Product DNA


Strong Airflow, Multiple Modes

With up to 480m³/h of air circulation, your home will get a breeze tailored to your needs, either from one of the 4 natural modes, the 12 constant speeds or the eco mode.


Ultrasonic Fine Mist

Dry air can lead to cracked lips, itchy eyes, dry skin, throat and nasal passages.The humidifier assists in keeping a comfortable level of moisture inside the home.


Breville Home Connect™

Control your home's air circulation on the go so you can feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door.


Soft Opening Front Cover

When not in use the front grille is automatically covered for a stylish look that will complement any interior. It also prevents dust from settling after a long period.


Discreet Internal Oscillation

The automatic oscillation is done internally so the tower fan doesn't actually move for an unobstrusive operation.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)
33 x 33 x 125 cm
2 Year
Construction Materials
12 speeds 4 Natural modes Eco mode Night mode