Sous vide perfection. Easier. Faster.

The restaurant technique simplified for weeknight cooking at home. Create perfect results with ease using the Joule™ Turbo Sous Vide on Autopilot and sous vide your favorites in as little as half the time with Turbo.

Perfect results on Autopilot

Sit back and relax, or spend more time with your guests. Autopilot uses state of the art features so you can sous vide your way to delicious dishes effortlessly.

Slim, sleek and stylish

Fits into the kitchen draw for safe and easy storage.

Bulk cooking

Bulk cook sous vide in vessels up to 10 gallons to meal prep in batches or cook for more.

Cook confidently with Breville+

Find hundreds of free recipes, classes and guides designed to help you cook faster, smarter, and more deliciously. Tested and tuned by our resident experts for your Joule® Turbo Sous Vide.