Fizzy Lemonade
Breville Test Kitchen

Breville Test Kitchen

Fizzy Lemonade

Ain’t nothin’ as good as homemade lemonade! 3 simple ingredients and a few seconds in the InFizz for sweet, citrus bubbles and lots of lemon pzazz. Fill a pitcher for a party or keep in the fridge for a cool sip of happiness.
the InFizz™ Fusion
the InFizz™ Fusion Product Details

the InFizz™ Fusion

15 mins total time

15 mins active time


Serves 2-4



  • chilled lemon juice icon
    8 oz chilled lemon juice
  • chilled water icon
    15 oz chilled water
  • agave syrup icon
    1½ oz agave syrup
  • Ice icon

    to serve

  • lemon slice icon
    Lemon slices

    to serve


  • 1Place the lemon juice, water and agave syrup in a large jug and stir to combine.
  • 2Using the funnel, fill the InFizz bottle to the MIN line. Top with the FusionCap™ and twist to lock.
  • 3With the Tilt Head in the tilted position, insert the bottle and twist to lock. Push the bottle down into the vertical position. Press the Carbonating Lever at 1 second intervals, twice, to lightly carbonate or up to 6 times for maximum fizz.
  • 4Move the Tilt Head into the tilted position and remove the bottle. Gradually slide the switch to the right to release the excess gas. Slide the switch back to the left if the bubbles rise too quickly.
  • 5Half fill the serving glasses with ice and lemon slices. Pour over the lemonade and serve.