Espresso Machines
Bambino Plus

How to clean the drip tray

Keeping your espresso machine clean is an essential step to creating delicious coffee cup after cup, so we have designed the Bambino® Plus to be easy to clean and maintain. After each use, make sure to clean the drip tray, emptying all coffee residuals, excess water, milk, and loose grounds from your machine. You'll know it’s time to clean the drip tray when the red indicator rises through the drip tray grid. To clean the drip tray, remove it from the machine and empty its contents into the sink. Next, thoroughly wash the tray, the grid, and the drip tray indicator with hot, soapy wash and a soft scrub brush. Rinse fully, then dry the components. Finally, reassemble and reinsert into the machine, ready to make your next cup of delicious coffee. Along with instructions on cleaning the drip tray, other Breville tutorial videos for the Bambino® Plus include cleaning the portafilter and filter basket, replacing the water filter, performing the cleaning cycle, descaling the machine, and more.

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