Espresso Machines
Bambino Plus

Unboxing and parts

The Bambino® Plus from Breville gives you serious espresso plus auto milk in a seriously compact machine. Once your machine arrives, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: unboxing your new Bambino® Plus. Soon you'll be able to enjoy third wave specialty coffee at home with the push of a button. When you unbox your machine, put the box on the side and slide it out from the side flap. Then you'll find the following parts and accessories, all of which have an important purpose: stainless steel milk jug, 54mm tamper, steam wand tip cleaning tool, the Razor™ precision trimming tool, dual-wall filter baskets (1-cup and 2-cup), cleaning disc, cleaning tablets, and the descaler. You should wash and dry these parts and accessories before using your machine for the first time. We’ll explain how to use each included part and accessory in additional videos and tutorials, including how to set up your Bambino® Plus, choosing the right beans, cleaning your machine, and more.

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