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How to create latte art

What better way to complete your perfect cup of third wave specialty coffee than by adding ideally textured milk in the form of latte art? The Bambino® Plus has a high-pressure steam wand that creates a powerful flow of steam at around 200 degrees F which is essential for creating textured milk. Perfectly textured milk also makes latte art possible. Follow along as Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, explains how to use microfoam milk to create latte art. Start with a cup of perfectly extracted espresso held at an angle. This increases the surface of the coffee. To form the basic 'Dot' pattern, hold the milk jug several inches above the coffee and pour in a steady stream, piercing the center of the crema. As the cup begins to fill, slowly straighten the cup while bringing the spout of the milk jug closer, nearly touching the coffee. A dot begins to form. Continue pouring the steamed milk to enlarge the dot. Congratulations! With the microfoam dot, you have learned the foundation for creating The Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, and more. With plenty of practice, you’ll soon be making latte art like a pro.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here