Espresso Machines
Bambino Plus

How to perform a cleaning cycle

Cleaning your Bambino® Plus is vital to ensuring that you keep enjoying a delicious cup of coffee every time you use it. The machine will alert you when it needs cleaning by flashing both the '1-Cup' and the '2-Cup' buttons. To start the cleaning cycle, insert the grey silicone disk into the filter basket and portafilter. Then, place a cleaning tablet in the center of the disk. Next, insert the portafilter into the group head and lock it into place. Next, empty the drip tray, and return it to its position. Then, place a two-liter container onto the drip tray, with the steam wand inside the container. Then, fill the water tank to the MAX line, and lock it back into the machine. To initiate the cleaning cycle, press the '1-Cup,' '2-Cup,' and the 'Steam' buttons simultaneously, holding them in for five seconds. The 1- and 2-cup buttons will illuminate. Next, press the '2-Cup' button to begin the cleaning cycle. When the cleaning cycle is complete, all three buttons will light up. Remove the portafilter and check the cleaning tablet. If some of the tablet remains, reinsert the portafilter and run another cleaning cycle. When the tablet is entirely dissolved, the cleaning is thorough and complete.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here