Espresso Machines
Bambino Plus

How to perform a descale

Another essential cleaning process for The Bambino® Plus is descaling. Prevention of scale buildup ensures you're producing great quality coffee with every brew. When the '1-Cup,' '2-Cup' and 'Steam' buttons all flash in alternation, the machine needs to be descaled. First, empty the drip tray and replace it in the machine. Then, fill the water tank to the Descale line with warm water and add the descaling powder. Mix it in thoroughly, then reinsert the water tank into the machine. Next, place a 68-ounce container onto the drip tray, with the steam wand inside it. Finally, press both the '1-Cup' and the 'Steam' buttons simultaneously to turn off the machine. Allow it to cool thoroughly. Next, press the '1-Cup' and the 'Steam' buttons together, and hold for 5 seconds to enter the Descale mode. Release the two buttons, then press 'Steam' button again to start the descaling. When the descaling solution is run through the machine, remove the tank, rinse it thoroughly, then refill it to the MAX line. Reinsert the water tank back into the machine. Empty and replace the 68-ounce container. Press the 'Steam' button to resume descaling. When descaling is finished, empty and wash the drip tray, and rinse the water tank. Dry both, then reinsert them into the machine.

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