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How to create latte art: the dot

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Creating latte art requires three essential ingredients—perfectly extracted espresso, microfoam textured milk, and plenty of delicious practice. Follow along as Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, demonstrates how to create a latte 'dot, one of the most basic forms of latte art and the foundation for creating more complex latte art forms like The Heart, Tulip, Rosetta, and much more. To form a latte art dot, first, hold the cup of espresso at an angle to increase the surface area of the coffee. Then, with the milk jug held several inches above the coffee, begin pouring a steady stream into the center of the crema. As the cup starts to fill, slowly return the cup into a more upright position as you bring the spout of the jug close to the surface of the coffee, almost touching it. You'll see a white dot begin to form. Continue steadily pouring the microfoam milk to make the dot larger. You did it! Continue practicing making the latte dot, and you'll soon be ready to make a heart. Won't your friends and neighbors be impressed when you serve them third wave specialty coffee topped with your own latte art?

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